Monday, December 11, 2006

The Many Faces of Christmas and Friends

I have taken a lot of pics over the past several weeks and just have not had time to download them. I have included several in this album. Christmas is a wonderful time of year. The lights, the hustle bustle, the wonderful fragrances, the smiles, the colors...............friends, life, love, wonderful memories. This is probably my favorite time of year. It is cold outside, the sky with the stars and moon at night are so clear and beautiful. I love giving and seeing the great expressions on the faces of those you want to be a blessing is priceless. It's not about giving presents though, and not about getting them either. It is about relationships.......friendships.....creating memories that last a life time. Spending time with and sharing life with those that we love and care about..........creating those wonderful memories together. We only have right here, right now to create those memories, once now is gone, we don't get it back. I don't want to waste time when there are so many out there who need Jesus, who need a kind word, a smile, a hug, encouragement. We have such a great opportunity every day to touch someones life, especially those we care so much about, those closest to us. They are usually the ones we take for granted the most. Life is too busy, slow down and share yourself, share your time, share the love God has filled you with, with those around you. We can't love too much, we can't laugh too much, we can't hug too much, we can't say too many encouraging things to one another. May we all be the greatest blessing to others not only now, at Christmas, but throughout 2007. God is so faithful and loves us so much. I do love you all very much and I wish you much love, laughter, blessings and friends now and always.......................

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jthylton said...

I'm very upset....I didn't get any pictures in your 12/1 album. Come to think of it...I don't think you ever put a camera in front of me....pphhhhhhlllllllbbbbbbbb on you!

Told you I'd leave you a comment!