Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gotta love those Kids!

Gotta love those kids

I had the joy of working with the 4-5 year olds at church today. What a great age! They are so much fun. They are smart, cute and funny. There was a time when I was still at home with my parents, and a 3 year old boy lived next door name Adam. He was great! They always make you feel so good. He used to watch for me to come home from work (I was working for my Dad at the time). I would go in the house to change my cloths and he would come to the front door and ring the doorbell. My Mom would answer the door, and I could hear this little voice say "Can Tammy come out and play?" That would just make my day! Of course I would go out and play with him. These kids were great today. One of my favorites is JP. He is only 3 but his grandparents bring him and he wants to go to class with his sister Julia. JP told me he went to see Spiderman a few weeks ago, and every since then, I can't call him JP.......he let's you know that his name is 'Peter Parker'! LOL! I want one just like him! Check out the pics.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Point is.... Connecting with God

I could write a lot of things here, but today's devotional say's so much and is pretty much to the point. I can share that in the past 2 years, connecting with God in new ways, on a regular basis has changed me, my life and I am not the same person I used to be. I Praise God for that......He did that in me. And it is a journey, a process that will never end here on earth. It is about HIM and all those lives He needs us to touch for HIM. Love you guys.....have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

"Against the flesh, the traitor within, a warrior uses discipline. We have a two-dimensional version of this now, which we call a “quiet time.” But most men have a hard time sustaining any sort of devotional life because it has no vital connection to recovering and protecting their strength; it feels about as important as flossing. But if you saw your life as a great battle and you knew you needed time with God for your very survival, you would do it. Maybe not perfectly—nobody ever does and that’s not the point anyway—but you would have a reason to seek him. We give a halfhearted attempt at the spiritual disciplines when the only reason we have is that we “ought” to. But we’ll find a way to make it work when we are convinced we’re history if we don’t.

Time with God each day is not about academic study or getting through a certain amount of Scripture or any of that. It’s about connecting with God. We’ve got to keep those lines of communication open, so use whatever helps. Sometimes I’ll listen to music; other times I’ll read Scripture or a passage from a book; often I will journal; maybe I’ll go for a run; then there are days when all I need is silence and solitude and the rising sun. The point is simply to do whatever brings me back to my heart and the heart of God.

The discipline, by the way, is never the point. The whole point of a “devotional life” is connecting with God. This is our primary antidote to the counterfeits the world holds out to us." (Wild at Heart , 171–72)

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Graduations and City Fest

Graduations/City Fest

I have officially been to 4 graduations now. My Nephew Mark graduated today and we went to Green Hills Grill to celebrate with him. Yesterday my friend Katie graduated and then the night before was Jessica, Trey and Mikil. Andrea graduated last week and Jacob will graduate this coming Friday. Whew! Congrats to all!
We went down to City Fest tonight and Israel was awesome. Clay and RyLee and Ian and myself hung out around second aveneue for a while to show Ian the sites. We had a fun time. Click on the pic's to see! We went into Tootsies to hear the bands playing and it was from one end of the spectrum to the other to go from City Fest, listening to the testimonies and groups like Israel, to the bars. The musicians were pretty good, no doubt, some of the singers were good too. But they were without Jesus. As I sat and people watched, I remembered some friends who last year were talking about getting their band together to go into places like this to play their music and show these people about a relationship with Jesus Christ. The field is white and ready for harvest. I think that is a much needed and awesome ministry. As followers of Christ, this is one of the places where ministry is needed, as God leads. Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in. What a difference we can make, as followers of Christ, if we will just go, go and tell them about the one who can change their lives forever.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Graduations, Birthdays, Softball......Misc stuff

Graduations, Birthdays, Softball

My friend Andrea graduated last night from WKU. She will be doing an internship at Vanderbilt. Way to go girl! My friend Melissa and I drove up to see her girls rock! A little late on Birthday's, but my friend Stuart had his 16th on April 30th! He can drive now! Wahoo! Congrats Stuart! Our church did a Co-ed softball team this year and some of us girls are having fun playing. It is not the same as last year, it's just for fun, not competitive and we don't have the boombox and the fans coming out like we did last year......that was the best. But, we have won one game so far! Yea! I like that song by Chris Rice "When Did You Fall In Love With Me."
I was at some friends house recently, and they had this daily calendar that someone gave them. Here is what it said for that date: "It's not easy becoming one with another person. There is a lot of growing required. But it's not about causing our mate to grow into our image, it's about both husband and wife growing into Gods image, together." Truth. You may remember a long time ago I wrote about that. God showed me a vision about husband and wife "becoming" together and some about what that meant. "It is not good for man to be alone, I will make him a helpmate....." God never intended for us to be can't 'become one' by yourself.
We went to The Call at an Hispanic Church on Nolensville road this past Sunday night. I can honestly say it was "fun". You could not help but think, "This is what heaven is like, everyone praising and worshipping God in their own language." They had an interpreter for both Spanish and English and God moved. God is preparing our hearts and this city for a major move of God. You don't want to miss this. 07/07/07 at the Titans Stadium is going to be an explosion of people from around the world fasting, praying, worshipping, praising God. Come and be a part of it with us!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Return of Spring and Heart

I read this from yesterday and was moved by how John Eldredge put this. After working with Clay & RyLee on their wedding and seeing how God has blessed them with each other and how He put them together, I have been thinking a lot about The Heart. It is the wellspring of life, out of it the abundance of who we are flows. Our hearts are not bad, they are God's heart and we have to learn to let it flow. He fills it with so much love, and everyone is not willing to accept that love, but nevertheless, it is still there, ready to flow out to the one or to those that are or will be vulnerable and open themselves to receive it. The heart is a very complex thing means so much to God and so it should to us.

“Above all else, guard your heart.” We usually hear this with a sense of “Keep an eye on that heart of yours,” in the way you’d warn a deputy watching over some dangerous outlaw, or a bad dog the neighbors let run. “Don’t let him out of your sight.” Having so long believed our hearts are evil, we assume the warning is to keep us out of trouble. So we lock up our hearts and throw away the key and then try to get on with our living. But that isn’t the spirit of the command at all. It doesn’t say guard your heart because it’s criminal; it says guard your heart because it is the wellspring of your life, because it is a treasure, because everything else depends on it. How kind of God to give us this warning, like someone’s entrusting to a friend something precious to him, with the words: “Be careful with this—it means a lot to me.” (Waking the Dead , 207–8)

Today's devotional talks about the Spring and I think this year especially we have all longed for it. Winter has hung on this year like it would not let go. There is so much about Spring that gives us hope, a fresh start, a new begining with those around us, in every area of our life. Hope in what God has started, He will finish. He won't leave us hanging, He won't leave us in The Winter.

"Winter tarries long at six thousand feet. Here in the Rocky Mountains, spring comes late and fitfully. We had snow again last week—the second week in May. I’ve come to accept that spring here is really a wrestling match between winter and summer. It makes for a long time of waiting. You see, the flowers are pretty much gone in September. The first of October, the aspens start turning gold and drop their leaves in a week or two. Come November, all is gray. Initially, I don’t mind. The coming of winter has its joys, and there are Thanksgiving and Christmastime to look forward to.

But after the new year, things begin to drag on. Through February and then March, the earth remains lifeless. The whole world lies shadowed in brown and gray tones, like an old photograph. Winter’s novelty is long past, and by April we are longing for some sign of life—some color, some hope. It’s too long.

And then, just this afternoon, I rounded the corner into our neighborhood, and suddenly, the world was green again. What had been rock and twig and dead mulch was a rich oriental carpet of green. I was shocked, stunned. How did it happen? As if in disbelief, I got out of my car and began to walk through the woods, touching every leaf. The birds are back as well, waking us in the morning with their glad songs. It happened suddenly. In the twinkling of an eye.

My surprise is telling. It seems natural to long for spring; it is another thing to be completely stunned by its return. I am truly and genuinely surprised, as if my reaction were, Really? What are you doing here? And then I realized, I thought I’d never see you again. I think in some deep place inside, I had accepted the fact that winter is what is really true . . . And so I am shocked by the return of spring. And I wonder, Can the same thing happen for my soul?" (The Journey of Desire , 108–9)