Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Words to Live by........Have the Courage............

Have the courage to appear foolish, because it is sad for those who never attempt anything. Have the courage to make mistakes, for they can teach you like nothing else can.
Have the courage to take action. For even though your actions carry the possibility of failure, if you never act then you are certain to fail.
Have the courage to live each day fully, with enthusiasm and a generous spirit. Though there are many problems in this world, there are a whole lot more positive possibilities.
Have the courage to do what is right instead of what is easiest or most convenient. It will earn you the respect of others and, even more importantly, the respect of yourself.
Have the courage to see and accept things for what they are. That will put you in position to make a real difference.
Have the courage to love, to speak your mind, to follow your curiosity and your passions. Have the courage to give of yourself, for the goodness you give will come back to you over and over again.

Author: Ralph Marston


Jennifer R. Mercer said...

I needed to hear that today!!!
Love Ya Girl, Jenn

TAB said...

I know what you mean. It really spoke to me when I got it so I thought I would post it here to be a blessing to everyone who reads it. Love you too!

Beth Allison said...

It's a blessing to me!!!!!!

You are, too.

TAB said...

Beth, you are awesome. Love you bunches!