Thursday, September 04, 2008

Over Flowing

Where do I start? So much has been happening this past several weeks. A new church, a writing class, filming in the studio, Sisters of Ruwanda (now known as 8Keza which means "Beautiful"), movies, Shakespeare in the Park, stacking wood :-), new places in The Lord, the county fair, awesome worship, new revelation, new classes, God promotions......Wow, I could go on and on. We're moving into a new place....spiritually and in the physical. You can feel it, see it, taste it....things are not the same, not what they used to be. No more same old same old....there is a stirring, a fire, an expectancy, an excitement, a knowing of what God is doing and about to do in the body of Christ. Revival is happening around the world. And in and through all of this, Jesus is showing himself strong in us, showing Himself in a new way to us and confirming His word every step of the way. We are entering into that rest, the rest where we cease from our labor or work, and truly trust and follow Him into what He has called us to. It's not an arrival, but the next level, the next step, following Him into the unkown if you will, neverthless, it's very real....exciting and scary.

There is a new movie coming out that was dropped into my email today from a friend. I hope everyone will go to see it. I have already bought tickets to go. See the trailer on my home page. It is very, very good and to see something like this, that is so near and dear to my heart, be released into the main stream theatre/media is just another thing The Lord is up to. In a time, like no other, when marriage, God's plan for marriage, is under such an attack from every side, here comes this movie. The timing is no mistake, just like The Passion of the Christ and it's release. It's no coincidence that a new class at church is starting in 2 weeks on Building Strong Marriages, or that I have been drawn to read Song of Solomon (no easy feat). I haven't read Song of Solomon in a long while, and that has been on purpose. It is easily the most erotic book written on marriage, courting, sex, make up sex, fighting fair, God's plan on how to do it right. Not easy to read when your single and don't have the mate to go to and...let's say.....put into action what you've just learned......hmmmm? Yea, you know what I mean (bow chica bow wow, chica bow wow).

Anyway, I have been wanting to blog for a couple of weeks and have been.....'productive' in so many area's that I have not had the time to do it. I have been reading a lot of things, Song of Solomon, Prophecy from MorningStar ministry, Captivating, some from Wild At Heart, Esther (I just love her), Ruth (another favorite), listening to new Worship music and messages from church, The Scene. And through all of this, God has been leading me, teaching me, a common thread woven throughout...........marriage, relationships, are not black and white, not cut and dry, not perfect. He is teaching me that there are many facets, many sides to it and many facets and many sides to each of us. Sometimes we will be pursued, and sometimes we will pursue (Song of Solomon Chapter 6 where they have a fight, he leaves, she pursues, she perfumes the bed, prepares it....why? Make up sex.) In the beginning of this book, she is pursued by The Beloved, romanced, wooed if you will. But something I noticed this time, they both have words of encouragement and building each other up, especially to their friends. Not backbiting or talking behind each others back, but she is telling her girls when they ask "What is your beloved any more than another beloved?" Oh my, have you seen her response..Chapter 5 vs 10-16. She is raving about her man. "Chief among ten thousand...his eyes, his cheeks, his lips, his hands, his legs....Excellent as the cedars. She says he is altogether lovely and she finishes this talk by saying "This is my beloved, and this is my friend." She know's who he is to her, she is assured of him and his love and she can't say enough about this amazing man God has given to her. And don't even think about saying anything against her beloved or it's Zena Warrior Princess time! But look in Chapter 6 vs 4-10 at what The Beloved has to say about his woman "you are beautiful, lovely, awesome as an army, my dove, my perfect one." You get the picture. But the point here is not that this relationship is perfect, what they were saying to each other at this point was after they had fought. The movie "Fireproof" gives a similar message....even if you have fought, argued, disagreed, don't leave your partner behind....God will make you stronger and closer with every thing that you go through. Committment is what you see in Song of Solomon, in this movie 'Fireproof". It's so easy to walk away, it's so easy to say I can't do this anymore, because most are doing that. But God is calling us back to a higher level, a new beginning, a new committment, a fresh anointing on marriages. The relationship can and will be better than ever, and He needs us to be the examples instead of the statistics. To show a lost world that it can be done through Jesus, that it can be a taste of heaven on earth as God intended. Yea it takes work, it takes putting the other person before yourself.....but that's true love, God's love.

We all want to be loved and cared about, nothing wrong with that at all. But when we do pray for God's best for each other, then we are loving at a higher level than our little understanding. None of us are perfect and we're all in process and that's OK. It takes the pressure off when we can trust God and know His very best for us is manifesting around us daily in every area of our lives. That we are walking in His will and our destiny...Wow.

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