Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Call 07-07-07

The Call

I really don't know where to start. We had been praying and preparing for this day since the beginning of the year. Everyone ethnicity was represented. We had come together the first Sunday of every month to pray, worship and prepare for what God was going to start this day. A change in our country, turning the hearts of the children back to the Fathers and the hearts of the Fathers back to the children as Malachi says. The day started at 7AM at Centennial Park where there were about 7000 people gathered to walk down Church street all the way to LP Field in silence, repenting for our country and what has brought our country to the place we are currently in. It was amazing to see as far as I could see ahead of me and as far as I could see behind me a sea of people, walking so silent, I did not think it was possible. As we came through downtown, and crossed over the bridge you could hear Jeff Deyo playing in the stadium and leading the first worship. It was exciting and such a sense of expectancy.

Throughout the day, there was a time of worship, each time a different group or leader would lead us in Praise and worship. Sometimes it was repentance sometimes it was rejoicing and in between Lou and others would lead us in specific prayers for our nation, for our leaders, for Israel, for our cities, for our churches, for ourselves. One of those times that really had an impact on me was when we wept and prayed for the unborn children. For the abolishing of abortion. The most significant part was when Lou had us pray for the church to step up to the plate and receive those children, be ready to mentor those who will choose to keep their babies instead of aborting them and to be willing to become parents and adopt those that are put up for adoption. Doing our part, not just praying about abortion. He had several couples up their young, older, in between, that had adopted children and the testimonies of how God had brought that to pass in each of their lives. I was very moved during this time and I asked God that when I get married, if He wants me and my husband to adopt one of these babies that will be saved, just open the door for us and we will. It is about His heart, about His people and His love for all of us not just some of us. Maybe it was because I have not had children yet but I felt God's heart on this issue as we prayed and wept, I am willing to do whatever He wants, walk through the doors that He opens and no man can shut.

It was hot, we were fasting, sweaty but it did not matter. I was thankful and humbled to be there and be a part of changing our nation for God. Making the sacrifice, continually, to reach His world, His people, that don't know Him yet. To show them how much He loves them. As we finished last night, Selah was playing. It was a great time of worship and the music was awesome. It as great to see friends that I had not seen in a while. They also had 300 men come to the front and blow their Shophars (sp?) and it was so mighty, so powerful. You felt as if you were preparing for Battle.

I was thoroughly blessed and spent by the time we finished at 10:00PM. It is a day that God changed things in our lives, in our city in this country and from this day forward, things will never be the same again............Praise God! (click on the pics to see The Call)

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