Friday, June 30, 2006

"We are the Champions................"

Well, the softball season officially ended for our guys on Tuesday night and they are all truly CHAMPIONS. They played the best game ever and the fans were out in great number to support them! An award was given to Sumner Life Loyal Fans for their awesome support for our team this season! It was an amazing night. We screamed, we danced...........Thanks for an awesome season guys! We are so proud of you! Now what in the world are we going to do on Tuesday nights...........!?


Anonymous said...


You do a great job with your blogs! Very enjoyable. Sent you an email today, appears you are on vacation, well deserved I'm sure!

Have a great day!...RyLee

*~Elise~* said...

Softball is over now... it is very sad but at least we have volleyball now hehe

Katie said...

That is right we are the champions and I think the guys and fans rocked the socks off of everyone this season