Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lights, Camera, Action! Softball Rocks!

In honor of 6/6/06, Mike and Jeremy proudly displayed their team shirts! Here are some shots from last night. The games were great! The guys are playing better and better every game! We were actually ahead 2 to 0 until the 4th inning of our second game! Chaz on the Pitcher mound, Matt on the move, JJ off and running to first and the guys coming in to..... Batter Up! We rocked to Queen, Journey, The Darkness, and of course..........Chuck Norris! Softball games will never be the same now that Sumner Life is there! The other teams brought their version of a Boom Box and some songs..........which pales in comparison to ours I might add! We set the standard and forged the trail! And our guys have the best cheering section ever!


Beth Allison said...

Awesome. I love the picture of 6... 66. Very creative.

I've only been to one game, but I must agree that we have WAY more fun than the other guys!!!!

*~Elise~* said...

It was a shame that i missed that game! Oh well i will be there next time! Luv ya