Monday, August 11, 2008

Visiting my Parents

When I went home to visit my parents a couple of weekends ago, my sister sent with me this cool 10ft x 10ft Gazebo. Me and my sister-in-law put it together for Mom and Daddy. They live in the country, so their driveway is gravel and we set it next to the house to get it as level as possible. We put folding chairs in it, a small fridge my brother gave them, a fan, and yes a throw rug! Pretty redneck huh! But hey, I also put white lights along the inside, so it's a pretty cool place to come in out of the sun when Daddy's been working in the garden or just to get some fresh air. At night it's pretty with the lights, and you can sit out there and hear the crickets and feel a cool breeze. They were really enjoying it. We even broke it in by having a picnic in there. You will notice that we put the gas grill right outside...Ha, Ha! All the conveniences of home right outside your back door....literally!

Daddy has had a pretty good garden this year. His tomatoes and corn are starting to come in and his trusty helper "Sam" is right there with him. Daddy loves this dog. He is an Australian shephard I think. Sam actually belongs to the neighbors at the end of their road, but Sam thinks he belongs to my parents so they feed him and keep him and he stays there most of the time. This pic is too funny, he looks like "you talkin' to me!?" Just thought I'd share some from East TN.

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