Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today's Message from Pastor Dave

It was a great message. If you want, you can click on the link above and listen to the podcast. One of those messages that takes you back to basics and the reality of what we are really here for. A reminder that really ministered to me and helped me get my mind off of me was about serving one another. True Servanthood. Dave was talking about serving one another and what a different place this would be if we had the attitude of "how can I better serve this person, instead of what can they do for me or have an ulterior motive." Having a heart truly burning for souls and serving them, helping others by serving them, mowing the yard of the lady next door or the neighbor out of town, not because it is convenient, but because it is serving them and showing them you want nothing in return. That makes them want the Jesus that lives in us. He truly helped me with a better perspective on marriage as well. He said that he and Kristy have arguments, disagree, just like anyone else, but the one thing that God has done for their marriage, even when they wanted to walk away, was remind them that marriage is about serving the other person, always, and not "whats in it for me". Death to self again... Now we realize that when we serve each other or as the word says 'prefer one another', then our minds our not on us but how can I bless this mate God has given me. I got excited just looking at that from a new perspective and starting to think about all of the ways I could serve and be a blessing to my husband when I get married. It's going to be an amazing time for sure! Anyway, listen to the Podcast I know God will bless you.

Also here is another great view of that perspective from The Sacred Romance:
Seeing from a Different Perspective

"Entering into the Sacred Romance begins with eyes to see and ears to hear. Where would we be today if Eve had looked at the serpent with different eyes, if she had seen at once that the beautiful creature with the charming voice and the reasonable proposition was in fact a fallen angel bent on the annihilation of the human race? Failure to see things as they truly are resulted in unspeakable tragedy. From that point on, the theme of blindness runs throughout Scripture. It’s not merely a matter of failing to recognize temptation when we meet it; like Elisha’s servant, we often fail to see the drama of redemption as well (2 Kings 6:15–17).

Needless to say, Elisha’s servant suddenly saw from a whole different perspective. I (John) think it’s safe to assume he also experienced a bit of emotional relief—a recovery of heart. What for him had undoubtedly been a harrowing encounter became an exciting adventure.

The apostle Paul experienced an even greater surprise on the road to Damascus. Thinking he was doing God a favor, he was hell-bent on crushing a tiny religious movement called the Way. But he had the plot and the characters completely confused. Paul, known at that time as Saul, was playing the role of Defender of the Faith, when in fact he was Persecutor of Christ. It took a bout of blindness to bring things into focus, and when the scales fell from his eyes, he never saw things the same way again. Paul later explained to the Romans that human sin and suffering are the result of foolish and darkened hearts, brought on by a refusal to see the Sacred Romance. It should come as no surprise that his most fervent prayer for the saints was that the scales would fall from the eyes of our hearts so that we might not miss the Sacred Romance (Eph. 1:18–19). (The Sacred Romance , 145–46)

Have an awesome week!

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