Monday, May 22, 2006

A Good Time was had by ALL!

The Palace People were here on Saturday; after we rode Go Carts, played Putt-Putt Golf and took on the Batting Cages, we had some great food, awesome fun, and there was even a "Star Performer" on hand. The "Mighty Ducks" were out of their element at the track and a random Samurai put in an appearance for some old fashioned "Family Feuding" and one or two Roundhouse kicks! Ice cream sandwich's ruled and Zena kept everyone in line! You shoulda' been there! : - ) Posted by Picasa


*~Elise~* said...

Here we go again... yet another youth activity that i wasn't able to make because i had already commited to something else... i stink i know! ohh well i will definately be at the next one i promise.

TAB said...

Well, you always have this Friday night for Girls night at my house and then off to the car wash Saturday!